Most of my translations thus far have been published online. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide reliable links to my work due to the ephemeral nature of online texts; there is always the possibility that texts will be changed or updated by other writers or translators, and not be a true reflection of the quality of my work. However, some of the sites I have provided translation services for include those of a German national park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, a hotel in Munich, a winter sports event in Saxony, and an online wine magazine. I am happy to provide samples of my translation work on request.

The following is a selection of my published editorial work:

  • Natural Escapes: Ticino by Iwona Eberle (link) (editing and proofreading)
  • Creative Heritage by Jörg Schröder, Maurizio Carta, and Sarah Hartmann (eds.) (link) (copy-editing)
  • Recoding the City: Thinking, Planning and Building the City of the Nineteenth Century by Britta Hentschel and Harald R. Stühlinger (eds.) (link) (copy-editing)
  • Urban Design Methods by Undine Giseke et al. (link) (copy-editing)
  • Bodies: Between Space and Design by Cristina Bianchetti (link) (copy-editing)
  • Setting the Stage for Modernity: Restaurants, Cafés, Hotels by Franziska Bollerey (link) (proofreading)