About Me

My name is Jessica Glanz (MA, DipTrans) and I am an experienced freelance translator, copy-editor, and proofreader. I am a native English speaker who grew up in the Netherlands and Switzerland, becoming fluent in both Dutch and German whilst immersed in the local culture. I now live and work in Berlin.

I hold a Diploma in Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists, on which I gained a merit for the Literature paper and a distinction for the Social Sciences option. In 2008, I completed an Editorial and Proofreading course at the London School of Publishing, and I have used these skills extensively throughout my career.

Prior to starting work as a freelance translator, I worked in the publishing sector, academic administration, and the civil service. I studied English Literature and Archaeology at Cardiff University for my BA, and did an MA in Medieval Archaeology at the University of York.

My professional specialisms are HR, education, tourism, heritage, and arts and culture.